The East-Belgium Night of Music

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The East-Belgium Night of Music was initiated in 2018 by the East-Belgian orchestra and choir conductors Tony Backes, Daniel Hilligsmann and Antoni Sykopoulos.

Beyond stylistic and language borders, talented young musicians from East-Belgium and Wallonia (B) form a Symphonic Wind Band: « our region contains exceptionnal musical talents. The Night of Music aims to make that richness visible. Also, our project enforces cultural exchange between the different country parts », the project responsables explain.

With 70 musicians and 30 chorists, marvellous soloists  (ex. Michel Desaubies, voice), an experimented rock band and a charming presenter (Guy Lemaire, well kown from Belgian television), the premiere in august 2018 had been a great success. On the program: Ludwig van Beethoven, Queen, Carl Orff, The Beatles, John Miles... 500 concert guests rewarded the musicians with standing ovations.

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